Unikitty is the titular character and protagonist of the series of the name same.

The royal ruler of a fantastical kingdom, Unikitty lives in a castle and goes on adventures with younger brother Puppycorn, bodyguard Hawkodile, scientist Dr. Fox, and royal advisor Richard. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Personality and Traits

Unikitty is a pink unicorn-cat hybrid. She has a light pink muzzle with dark pink blush stickers that can change depending on her emotions. She has large blue eyes with an eyelash coming out of the sides of each of them. She has bright pink triangular ears with a blue unicorn horn nestled into a white casing. She wears a light green collar around her neck. Her front paws are blue with white tops, while her back paws are yellow with white tops. She has a bushy blue tail with a white underside. When she opens her mouth, there is a small fang in the top of it.

Other looks

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Unikitty is someone you want on your side. While she can be very sweet with her friends and very protective of her younger brother, Puppycorn, she will lose it with those who do not remain positive or creative.

Overall, though, Unikitty will do anything to protect her kingdom and make sure every day goes perfectly and is, most importantly, fun.



Unikitty as Angry Kitty in the main title sequence.

When her friends or loved ones are in danger, a fire literally ignites in Unikitty and she becomes Angry Kitty. She displays these tendencies with forces such as the evil Master Frown.

Additionally, Unikitty has the ability to fly and hold objects in a sort of ‘levitation’.


Little is known about Unikitty's early life. However, she was born into royalty, becoming the crown princess of the Unikingdom. At some point later, she became a big sister, with the birth of her younger brother, Puppycorn. Hawkodile was later hired on as her bodyguard. Scientist Dr. Fox and royal advisor Richard would become her friends, and she gained an enemy in Master Frown, from neighboring city Frowntown.


Game night wins counter with Unikitty in the lead.

At a later point in her life, a game night was created between her and other residents of the kingdom. Unikitty would often shut out others, winning 99 game nights total.

She would also become the "it" person in hide and seek, thanks to her seeking skills. This would go on for multiple years.

She lost various pets out of irresponsibility throughout her life, to the point that the castle has a "Hall of Lost Pets" in a memorial of them.

First adventures

Spoooooky Game

During another game night, a mysterious shopkeeper presented Unikitty with Spoooooky Game. Too distracted by the free price of the game instead of the warning signs, Unikitty played the game, causing her and the other players to be sucked into it.


Unikitty and the gang meet the Score Creeper.

Undeterred by the warnings of the Score Creeper, Unikitty continued to play the game. While she lost the corn maze by a few inches to Puppycorn, she managed to win the arcade round by one ticket, tying her and her brother up in score. In the final challenge, she managed to make it to the bell first, only to realize that she was being manipulated and getting too competitive. Apologizing to Puppycorn, she allowed her brother to win the game with her. While this freed them from any curses put upon them by the Score Creeper, it also trapped them in their small forms.

Sparkle Matter Matters

One morning, after greeting various things in the castle, she tried to avoid Richard's attempts to get through her itinerary for the day, because all of the tasks were boring. Making a false promise of doing the boring things after she finished greeting everyone, she headed off to Dr. Fox’s lab, only to find her brother strapped to a device, which he claimed would make him turn into a robot, much to her annoyance, because she wanted to be a robot. After Dr. Fox arrived and cleared up what she was doing, she explained about collecting sparkle matter of the citizens, showing Unikitty her collection of it, the biggest beaker of them all. However, Unikitty discovered Richard's empty beaker, and realized he had not been able to produce any sparkle matter, much to the shock of the princess. Calling for Richard, she tried to get him to answer why he was so unhappy. When Richard told her that he was fine, and the only thing she could do to help was to finish her to-do list, she made it first that she would help Richard feel happier.


After squishing his cheek, playing parade music, having a tea party, going to a rave, and riding on a roller coaster did nothing to help make Richard happy, Unikitty pulled Dr. Fox aside, using science as a means to convince the doctor to use an untested serum on him. She would then help the citizens with Dr. Fox's help to grab a large amount of fresh sparkle matter to use in the serum. When it was completed, the serum was so adorable to Unikitty that she kept baby talking it, eventually breaking from a cute overload. After the serum was fully bottled, she and the doctor went a safe distance from the Castle to launch it at Richard. After an explosion, they were happy to find out that the potion worked, as she, Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, and Hawkodile celebrated Richard's newfounded happiness.

Unfortunately, Richard's happiness started to grow overpowering, causing Unikitty to go into a guilt trip when it was revealed something sticky got into the serum, causing it to clump together, as Unikitty kept shut about putting bubble gum into the serum. After nearly being crushed by a giant particle, she, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox ran off to the lab to create a solution, which was created with negative sparkle matter. Dr. Fox forces Unikitty to watch a sad video involving Puppycorn to create negative sparkle matter, only to turn into Angry Kitty when Puppycorn accidentally stabs her in the eye, causing her to fill the beaker with angry sparkle matter, unknown to the others.

This potion ends up turning Richard into a being of pure rage, turning his sparkle matter into dangerous creatures. Unikitty realizes everything was her fault, and that serums are not the answer to fixing Richard, so, braving everything, she goes up to Richard and apologizes for trying to change Richard. Her calming aura is able to block off his angry one, turning him back to normal, while also letting him produce his own sparkle matter particle. This, along with Dr. Fox having enough samples, Hawkodile getting to punch things, and Puppycorn being a dog, makes Unikitty extra happy, and she is glad that everything is back to normal, even if the kingdom is lodged with giant particles and on fire.

No Day Like Snow Day

During Snow Day, Unikitty and Dr. Fox enjoyed the day by making snow angels together. When Puppycorn revealed his magic snowman, which actually had Master Frown trapped inside of it, Unikitty was amazed at her brother's creation, declaring the snowman adorable.

No Day Like Snow Day (22)

Unikitty sings about the joys of Snow Day.

Bringing the snowman with her friends, she joined the snow fort competition, deciding that they have the competition in the bag because they have Mr. Snowbuttons with them. As she sang a cheerful song about Snow Day, her and her friends built a snow fort. She mistook Master Frown's angry protests as something missing, which she decided was Mr. Snowbuttons. Using a string of lights, she made a pulley system to hoist the snowman to the top of the fort. Master Frown's angry squirming was mistaken for dancing, causing their snow fort to win. Further wriggling created a tear in the lights, forming an impromptu light show and fireworks display, further winning them the favor of the judge.

However, the rival snow fort declared this to be cheating, and started a snowball fight with them. Unikitty declared Mr. Snowbuttons as their secret weapon, but was later hit in the face by a snowball, angering her enough to turn into Angry Kitty. Using this newfound rage, Master Frown shoved snow into Unikitty's mouth and used her like a gun, which bought some time, but was not enough to save the team. As such, Master Frown catapulted himself into the rival team's snow fort, destroying it and winning them the game.

While Unikitty cheered on the victory, she started to realize it was getting cold, which gave Dr. Fox the excuse to try out her new recipe for the perfect hot cocoa. Unikitty declared that the cocoa "tasted like a tummy dream and felt like a hug". Despite having fun and loving Mr. Snowbuttons, she had to explain to Puppycorn that the snowman could not stay forever, and would melt eventually.

With the idea that Dr. Fox had, Unikitty joined the others to take Mr. Snowbuttons to the North Pole as a permanent home. After mistaking Master Frown's screams as a "beautiful song", she, Puppycorn, and Dr. Fox headed back to have more cocoa, thus not realizing that Master Frown was in the snowman the whole time.

Action Forest

During a tea party picnic with her friends, she thanked Hawkodile for keeping them safe from perceived danger, rewarding him with a kiss and a flower crown. To her shock, he was attacked when he was explaining that he was just doing his job, as a mysterious force knocked him into the neighboring hill. She tried to figure out what was wrong, only to see Hawkodile attacked and a mysterious stranger leave with Hawkodile's sunglasses. Hawkodile explained that that was Eagleator, a former friend of his, who he was forced to attack before, while Eagleator had sworn revenge to him.

Unikitty found the story to be incredibly sad, wondering if they could just hug it out and apologize. When Hawkodile rebuffed this idea, claiming he had to fight, Unikitty rebuffed him back, claiming that he was in no condition to fight. Realizing she was right, he hesitantly asked for the others to help him. Despite still believing that hugs would still be the answer, she still agreed to help, as a friend.

Action Forest 1 (19)

Taking them to the Action Forest, Hawkodile taught them how to be action heroes through a montage. Unikitty ended up taking on a "bad cop" persona, gaining the codename of "The Loose Cannon". Right before the fight, Unikitty attempted to reason with Hawkodile again, but he continued to rebuff it.

At the dojo, Unikitty used her new persona against Eagleator, which only consisted of flashing back and forth between herself and Angry Kitty. Annoyed, Eagleator blasted her and the others away to fight Hawkodile one-on-one. Thanks to being the first one to recover, Unikitty was able to rush in for Hawkodile, trying to convince him still. Once he was nearly down, he eventually listened to her suggestion, giving a hug and apologizing to Eagleator. Despite the fact it seemed that Eagleator accepted the apology, he was secretly using it as a window to attack Hawkodile again. This angered Unikitty, as she turned into Angry Kitty, demanding why Eagleator hated friendship, as she attacked him with a fiery punch, causing him to dangle off the cliff and give Hawkodile his glasses back.

Once Eagleator rebuffed Hawkodile's attempt at another redemption, Unikitty made sure her bodyguard was okay, and then apologized for lashing out. Despite this, Hawkodile admitted she was right, that there was a time for hugs, but when it came to Eagleator, it was only time for punches.

Kaiju Kitty

When a slime monster was attacking the kingdom, Unikitty was concerned for the citizens in the city. When Dr. Fox revealed the Shining MechaKitty Turbo V to help, Unikitty was excited over the fact that it looked just like her, but metal. Ignoring Dr. Fox's explanation of the robot, she kept questioning if the robot needed five pilots, which it did, much to her delight. When the team suited up, Unikitty picked the head as her control station.

Once the robot was in sync and fighting the monster, Unikitty commanded for the final attack of a light sword, which sliced the robot in half, giving it a friend, and stopping it as a threat. As Unikitty declared how much she loved the robot, Richard tried to get her to return the robot to storage, much to the shock of Unikitty, who insisted they needed the robot for "reasons". Desperate to find a reason, she used the mech to help Really Old Edith across the street, but ended up throwing her into a wall. Ignoring Richard's protests, she led the team to help others, which ended up destroying cars and leveling a forest.

Kaiju Kitty (7)

Unikitty in control of the head of a giant, lookalike robot.

When Richard continued to protest for her to stop, Unikitty continued to cite "reasons" as why they needed to keep the robot out. The robot would end up being used for menial tasks, such as swimming, cooking breakfast, playing trees like maracas, and sleeping in the middle of the city. This went on for months, leaving Unikitty's console a stinky mess.

During an ice cream run, Unikitty used too much force, traumatizing the vendor, while continuing to ignore Richard's pleas to stop. Demanding that the fun times stayed forever, Unikitty broke the lockdown button, trapping everyone in the robot, as she started a dance party that destroyed the city further. When it was alerted that another monster was in the city, Unikitty was confused as to why the others ran away from her, while there was no monster in sight as well. It took the explanation of Craig to realize that the robot was now the monster. After accidentally destroying more of the city, Richard told her to simply unlock the robot, which she realized she was unable to thanks to the broken button.

In desperation, Unikitty decided the only way to get out was to destroy the robot. When the work of the others failed, Unikitty helped send out the Mega Robot Giggle Missile, sending the robot to crash into it. Despite the giant explosion, this caused no damage to the robot, much to her annoyance. When Richard realized he held the self-destruct mechanism, Unikitty demanded he press it, thus destroying the robot, but keeping the pilots safe. Unikitty was saddened by the loss of the robot, but quickly changed her tone and suggested ice cream.

Fire & Nice

Fire & Nice (4)

Unikitty observes the destruction she caused.

During a Problem Fixy Day, Unikitty helped with various problems of the citizens. While Richard insisted she was making a big deal out of it, Unikitty insisted on helping everyone All though it started to stress her out as soon as her first two citizens came arguing about their movement locations, Unikitty quickly fixed their problem. When Master Frown came around, Unikitty asked if he had a problem, when he just really wanted to see people complain. Unikitty told him that was not what the holiday was for, it was for helping fix the problems, which Master Frown decided to do, giving bad suggestions to others, which made Unikitty upset. Master Frown claimed helping was pointless, something that angered Unikitty enough to explode into Angry Kitty mode, declaring Master Frown to be the problem, rocketing him off.

When Unikitty realized the damage this outburst caused, she quickly ran off to compose herself. Bemoaning that she was unable to fix the problems of others, her reflection shifted to Angry Kitty, who insisted that anger is good, much to Unikitty's protests. When she wished she could just get rid of her anger, her reflection rebuffed it, saying that she would always be a part of her. This gave Unikitty an idea, as she flew back to the castle.

Pulling Dr. Fox away for science matters, she left Puppycorn to distract the citizens. Building an Emotial Visualizer, Dr. Fox would be able to flip through Unikitty's emotions and permanently extract one. After skipping through Unikitty's sad, bored, and lovestruck emotions, Unikitty's angry side was quickly found, and locked away from Unikitty, inadvertently setting her ear on fire. Unikitty was thrilled to have no anger in her, as Dr. Fox realized they were still connected, when the extinguishing of the fire left Angry Kitty hurt.

Fire & Nice (14)

When Unikitty returned to the throne to fix problems, her first citizen was FeeBee, who wanted blue flowers in the Flowery Park, even though Unikitty planted pink because they were her favorites. A disguised Master Frown led a rally to get Unikitty to replace all the flowers with blue, causing Angry Kitty to spike in anger. Unikitty reluctantly agreed, replacing all the pink flowers with blue, while FeeBee praised them for not being "dumb old pink", which caused another anger spike.

Fire & Nice (19)

Back for her next problem to fix, Cookie Guy mentioned that he kept eating parts of his gingerbread home, which Master Frown rallied to get Unikitty to make an entirely new house for him. Through this, hitting her paw with a hammer and getting a window smashed on her head made her irritated, but was also causing Angry Kitty's levels to rise further.

For the next problem, Sssnake, Gizmo, and Theodore wished to have the bridge back to their town repaired, which Master Frown rallied instead to have Unikitty simply carry them across. This weight, combined with the weight of their bags, left Angry Kitty at critical levels of anger.

Although exhausted, Unikitty was glad to have been able to help, and was also glad that it was over. Unfortunately, Master Frown decided he did have some problems for Unikitty to fix, which she gladly did. He poured his drink over her, something that caused Hawkodile to nearly attack him, but she stopped him. Master Frown then decided that he wanted all of Unikitty's stuff, which she weakly allowed for, even when he started breaking it on purpose. Finally, he made her say that helping others was pointless, something she did with great pain. This caused Angry Kitty's anger levels to explode, causing her to escape.

Fire & Nice (26)

FeeBee 's cries for help alerted her and the others to the issue. Soon, Cookie Guy, and later Sssnake, Gizmo, and Theodore called for help as well, all being damaged by Angry Kitty, much to the sadness of Unikitty, who, thanks to bottling up her anger trying to be kind, caused the rage levels to grow, and for her to attack anyone that had made Unikitty mad that day.

Once Puppycorn discovered a hiding Master Frown, Unikitty and the others used him as bait to lure Angry Kitty. When the first two attempts to stop her made her even angrier, Unikitty stepped forwards, singing to Angry Kitty about how she knows about her anger, but the two need to be together and not bottle up emotions. Calming and shrinking Angry Kitty down, Unikitty was ready to be merged back together, only for Dr. Fox to say that she would be stuck like that.

Rock Friend

Rock Friend (6)

During a day that Puppycorn wanted to play, Unikitty had to deny him the offer, since she had to pick the kingdom's ice cream flavor of the month, which required expert taste. When Puppycorn asked to help, she pointed out that he likes eating garbage, and then apologized, saying that she would play later. Puppycorn was okay with this, choosing to play with Rock Guy, something that confused Unikitty.

Incredulous, Puppycorn introduced Unikitty to Rock Guy, who was just a plain rock. This upset Unikitty, correlating that his only other friend was a rock. While Puppycorn insisted otherwise, then ran off to hide for hide and seek with Rock Guy, Unikitty tossed the rock away in sadness, causing Puppycorn to pop out of his hiding spot, while talking about having a sleepover with Rock Guy. This led Unikitty to decide to set thing right and get Puppycorn a better friend.

Forging a letter, Unikitty consoled a scared Puppycorn with a lie that Rock Guy had went on to become a pirate and requested Puppycorn to find a new friend, something Unikitty supported. While Puppycorn went on to find a friend, Unikitty checked on Rock Guy, who she had secretly hid in a closet. She argued that this was the best for her brother, but then wondered why she was even bothering talking to a rock.

Later, while checking on her brother's progress, she was confused that he was unable to make a friend, as all she had to do was ask, which she demonstrated, gaining the friendship of Old Timey Mustache Man. She insisted that her brother still had a chance to make a friend.

Rock Friend (27)

The next morning, Unikitty awoke to find her tail missing, along with the body parts of Richard, Hawkodile, and Dr. Fox. The missing body parts were used to create Friend Guy, a hulking monster made by Puppycorn taking Unikitty's message to "make a friend" to heart. While the others were angry about this, Unikitty saw how much fun Puppycorn was having, and persuaded the others to let Puppycorn use their parts for a while, which they agreed to.

Later, Unikitty found Rock Guy, who had somehow escaped. Having a conversation, Rock Guy insisted for Unikitty to check up on Puppycorn, which she did. As it turns out, Friend Guy had been stealing objects and citizens to grow better for Puppycorn. As Puppycorn gave Unikitty the tour, she attempted to think of a way to put it down gently to him, only to burst out how he needed to put everyone and everything back. She apologized for not having made time for her brother, which she promised to do from now on. Despite reconciling, Friend Guy still took this as a threat to being Puppycorn's best friend, and tried to squish Unikitty. Her pleas went unheard, as Friend Guy captured her, while she turned into Angry Kitty to fight back.

Rock Friend (35)

During the fight, Puppycorn lost his balance, as Unikitty caught him, only for the two of them to be stuck in Friend Guy's collection. As Unikitty apologized for her past behavior, Rock Guy flew in (from a throw from Hawkodile), tripping up Friend Guy and freeing everyone. With Rock Guy safe, Unikitty admitted she thought wrong about Rock Guy. Expressing her happiness that everything was okay, she repeated this when Dr. Fox asked about the missing body parts.

Kitchen Chaos

One morning in the kitchen, Unikitty was working on painting a picture, getting paint everywhere. Calling over to Richard, she revealed the picture to be of him, but soon realized she forgot to add sparkles to the picture. While she kicked up a cloud of sparkles into the kitchen, Richard praised the picture, but excused himself for chores. Unikitty complained that Richard was always doing chores, and that he should take a break sometime, which he refused.

Kitchen Chaos (7)

Unikitty later came to Richard's aid when he broke his back doing his chores. Insisting that he does not need to worry about the chores, and that she and the others could fix it, she sent him off to bed.

Realizing the kitchen was disgusting, Unikitty insisted that they clean it the "Rick way", as Unikitty demonstrated that she will use a sponge to clean the floor. When Hawkodile called it boring, she insisted it could be done, popping her head off to imitate Richard and clean the garbage up. When Puppycorn tried and failed to clean up like Richard, Unikitty tasked him with the job of throwing away a single piece of trash.

Kitchen Chaos (21)

While trying to clean the floor with the sponge, Unikitty soon found the sponge stuck in the starting-to-dry paint, and declared her job as "gross and boring", causing her to accidentally get stuck in the paint herself, the struggle reverting her to Angry Kitty. When she heard Rick attempting to get up, she suddenly popped into his room, insisting that he stay where he is, on doctor's orders.

Still stuck in the floor, she wondered how Richard was able to do this. Unsure of what to do, but not wanting to break her promise to Richard, she apologized to the portrait she made, hugging it. This spread sparkles onto the floor, making it look shining. This gave Unikitty the idea for them to do the cleaning their own way, something that resonated with Dr. Fox and Hawkodile.

Doing the floors "her way", Unikitty used her paints to mask the mess. When she heard Richard calling for her, she made sure everyone was done with their job, only to realize Puppycorn was nowhere to be found. As she found her brother in the trash can asleep, she woke him and asked if he had done his job, which he had not yet. She offered to help her brother, but he insisted on doing it himself, failing so many times that he was forced to hid the piece of paper in his mouth.

Kitchen Chaos (27)

Richard is happy with Unikitty and the gang’s work.

When Richard came into the kitchen, he was surprised how spotless it was. Unikitty presented him with a new addition as well: a painting of her and Richard that she painted onto the floor. Unikitty was glad that Richard was better, while Richard thanked the others for cleaning up. Unikitty admitted that she was thankful for Richard for cleaning up after her and the others, which Richard insisted was his duty, though he added they could help clean up once in a while. This caused Unikitty to laugh off what Richard said as a joke, leaving the kitchen with the others.

Crushing Defeat

When a cupcake monster attacked the castle, Unikitty commented that the cupcake was delicious until it tried to eat them, showing off her half-eaten tail, which she quickly shook out. She then alerted the fact that the monster was attempting to get into the castle. When the monster was defeated, she was hit with the frosting that Hawkodile's attack shot out.

Crushing Defeat (13)

The next morning, Unikitty enjoyed a waffle breakfast, while singing a song about them. Greeting Hawkodile when he came in, she noticed something different about him. Noticing the heart that was crushing him, she started to goad him on, but thought he just got a new haircut. When Dr. Fox realized Hawkodile actually had a crush, Unikitty was desperate to figure out who it was, only to be rebuffed by an angry Hawkodile, which caused her to at least attempt to help.

Crushing Defeat (31)

Unikitty consoles Hawkodile.

After attempts from Puppycorn and Hawkodile failed, Unikitty came to console her bodyguard, considering him to be at his cutest at this small size. Despite Hawkodile not being able to figure out how to say he loved someone, Unikitty claimed it as easy, as she says she loves everyone, demonstrating with an apple, a cloud, Dino Dude, Tigerlope, and the entire kingdom. She even said she loved the cupcake monster, who started to attack her again. When Hawkodile's attempts to protect the princess failed, Unikitty demanded the monster stop, as Hawkodile was dealing with emotions. After the monster left, laughing at Hawkodile. Unikitty insisted it was okay, since she was able to take care of it, Hawkodile insisted it was not, and requested a leave of absence from the princess.

Crushing Defeat (53)

The next day, the princess, while enjoying cupcakes with her friends, noticed Hawkodile was back to his normal size, commenting that he probably had told his "love lady" how he felt. When Hawkodile nervously lied about who his crush was, he ended up sweating all over the princess, watching as Hawkodile lied that FeeBee was his crush.

Wishing Well

Wishing Well (7)

During a game of "silly walks" with her bother, Unikitty accidentally tripped over a coin while demonstrating her "Walk n' Roll" technique. Realizing the coin for what it is, she planned to make a wish with it. While Puppycorn explained the well was busted, Unikitty insisted it had to come true, and that her brother just needed to believe. He admitted that he had, but his past wish never came true. Touched by her brother's plight, Unikitty wished for a scooter to prove that the well worked. Much to her confusion, her wish did not come true. Figuring out something was wrong, Unikitty and Puppycorn went down into the well to see what was wrong.

Wishing Well (34)

There, she discovered multiple wish coins, who had been trapped in the well, thus being unable to make the wishes come true. Upset by this, Unikitty brought the coins back up to the surface for them to fulfill their purposes. Oblivious to the evil laughter of their leader, Unikitty sent them off to live their dreams. She was soon interrupted by a coin, who had the scooter she had wished for, much to her joy. She used this as proof to Puppycorn that wishes do come true.

Later, her brother was still upset that his wish had not come true. Unikitty directed her brother's attention to behind him, as he got the multitude of shovels that he had wished for, much to his sister's confusion and concern. Admitting he was wrong about the wishes, Puppycorn continued talking about how much he could dig, while Unikitty noticed a wish coin, which roared at her and skittered off. Brushing it off, Unikitty was alerted by another citizen who got a wish, so she went to check it out.

Wishing Well (56)

There, she found the citizen thrown off a bridge. Acting fast, Unikitty saved her, as the citizen explained that the wish coins did this. Confused at why the coins would do this, Unikitty went back into town, only to see the chaos happening from the coins. Enraged that her friends and brother were hurt by the coins, she was pacified that she still had her scooter, which promptly broke in her hands. Switching to Angry Kitty, she rescued her friends from their fates, as the leader of the coins taunted her. She pointed out the coins were being literal, which the leader pointed out they were doing because they had been left in the well without even wanting to be there in the first place.

Wishing Well (70)

Undeterred, Unikitty has the idea to use more wishes to defeat the coins. After star, 11:11, and birthday wishes failed, Unikitty got the help of her friends to gather three new wishes. As Unikitty had the most faith in them, she sent them off to fight the coins. Much to her shock, they were literally beating the coins up.

Wishing Well (77)

After the coins returned back to the well, Puppycorn suggested the message they should take was to never make any wishes again. Unikitty rebuffed this, simply saying wording is the key, and jokingly wished this would never happen again. After sharing a laugh with the others, the three wishes granted this wish, beating up the coins some more, as Unikitty looked on in discomfort.

Hide N' Seek

Hide N Seek (8)

During the annual hide and seek championship, Unikitty explained that the game would end when she found everyone or she gave up, which she did not plan to do, as the hide and seek champion, showing off her "hidden" championship medal. When Richard tried to protest the games in a speech, Unikitty kept interrupting or ignoring his speech, admitting that he is so monotonous and boring. When he finished his speech, Unikitty merely let the games continue, as they would not take long thanks to how fast she is. While the other citizens hid, Unikitty had to goad Richard to play.

After counting, Unikitty went to searching. She found Puppycorn fast, but pretended that she could not find him. She then went throughout the town, picking out various citizens and sticking a sticker onto them to confirm them as found.

Later, while searching near Hawkodile's Treehouse, Unikitty noticed the dummies her bodyguard was using as ploys. Thought it seemed like she was fooled by a rocket-launched one, in reality, she had a track on Hawkodile. Hiding in the mudpit that he was in, she commented on his poor mud mixing colors, and tagged him out.

Hide N Seek (51)

Before searching for Dr. Fox, she once again pretended Puppycorn was nowhere to be found, taking the chips he was eating. When Unikitty made to to Dr. Fox's lab to find the doctor, instead of searching for her, Unikitty decided to work on an unsolved equation. Deliberately getting the answer wrong, she was able to exasperate the doctor enough to get her to reveal her hiding spot.

Realizing Richard was the only one she had left to find, Unikitty searched his room. After multiple false starts, she tore up his room searching, to find nothing. Checking the broom closet proved nothing, as Unikitty realized he was a worthy adversary after all. After searching the castle found no options, Unikitty headed through the city, searching under Rock Guy, through trashcans, and even in a citizen's house, still finding nothing.

Eventually, Unikitty started to dig up the grounds. When Dr. Fox and Hawkodile pointed out the food that was in the losers' circle, Unikitty started to feel jealous, but quickly ignored these feelings to continue searching.

Hide N Seek (81)

Sending out an alert in the town, she angrily rounded up the citizens to perform a roll call, making sure no citizens were helping Richard hide. When the list proved negative, she formed a bulletin board of proof, to try and piece together where he could be. Getting to the point that she started to interrogate the clocks, the others attempted to get her to give up. Unikitty, however, decided to go to the ends of the earth to find him.

Eventually making it to the Farthest Away Place in the World, Unikitty trekked up to the cliffs, where she found who she thought was Richard. Weakly tagging him as found, the confetti blast from the sticker knocked him into the sea below, much to Unikitty's horror.

Hide N Seek (128)

Holding a funeral for "Richard", Unikitty was devastated at what she had done, as she apologized to the seemingly-deceased Richard. When the real Richard arrived at the funeral, Unikitty is terrified, thinking he was a ghost. In reality, what Unikitty thought was Richard was a cinderblock. Richard had also been attempting to be found the entire time, something Unikitty realized looking back. When she realized that Richard's monotone nature made him unfound, she congratulated him, making him the official "it" of the game, as she ran to hide for the next round of the game.

Stuck Together

During a day of starting her nice princess duties, Unikitty was shocked to see Master Frown without his head. Seeing a Red Bird swallow the body, Unikitty tried to console the hysterical Master Frown. When he explained he is late for a meeting, Unikitty inquired what it was. As Master Frown tried to get the princess to help him, she responded that she had her duties to do. While Master Frown continued to beg, Unikitty relented, but only if Master Frown helped her with her duties. As Master Frown conceded, Unikitty ripped off her tail to place Master Frown's head there for safe keeping, and then went off to finish start her duties.

She first greeted the new flowers with a compliment. When she tried to get Master Frown to do the same, he simply insulted them. Warning him that he would not help if he was not nice, she managed to get him to say a minor compliment, which was a start. Seeing the Robot Kid in pain, Unikitty kissed her injury better, while getting Master Frown to reluctantly do the same. Seeing Really Old Edith, slowly crossing the street, Unikitty guided her, listening along to her long story, while also forcing Master Frown to do the same.

When her duties were done, Unikitty held up her end of the bargain, using her cloud car to get the two of them to Frowntown. As Master Doom explained the purpose of the Doom Lords to the princess, Unikitty was surprised that it was his actual job. Leading Unikitty to his apartment for a disguise, the two of them meet up with Brock, who offers Unikitty a cookie. Unikitty happily takes it, declaring them amazing.

Later, Unikitty, along with Brock and Master Frown, were pulled into a disguise that hid both her and Brock, as they arrived at the Doom Lords' Lair. Being told to stay quiet, Unikitty listened in on the meeting, angrily commenting on how mean the Doom Lords were. Eventually, as the criticisms grew harsher, and Master Frown ended up fired, Unikitty could not take it any more. Bursting out of her disguise as Angry Kitty, the princess demanded the other Doom Lords to show support.

As her rampaged destroyed the building, Master Doom, instead of being angry, was impressed. Thinking Unikitty was a part of Master Frown's plan, she let him stay a Doom Lord, giving him his body back. While the other Doom Lords left, Unikitty placed Master Frown's head back onto his body, glad that the two were able to help each other that day. While Master Frown insisted that the he planned it the whole time, Unikitty simply let him believe that, as she kissed him on the cheek and left.

Little Prince Puppycorn

During a time when the citizens were threatening to riot out of boredom, Unikitty instructed an emergency dance protocol to distract and calm them down. This worked, and Unikitty managed to get them to agree to stop rioting, as she left them alone for a while. She headed back stage to relax, as Hawkodile and Dr. Fox checked with her. Puppycorn commented on how amazing his sister did, and offhandedly commented how he wished he could be royal. This confused Unikitty and the others. While Hawkodile and Dr. Fox tried to probe Puppycorn to get him to realize he was a prince, Unikitty simply stated the fact.

Unikitty then explained how much work being royal is, as the citizens keep wanting more. This discouraged Puppycorn, as he prepared to throw his ideas away. Not wanting to see her little brother upset, she quickly offered to let him be prince and rule the kingdom, ignoring Richard's protests for the idea.

She quickly went to the citizens to announce her resignation, appointing Puppycorn as the new leader. She egged her brother on to give out some of his new ideas, which garnered positive attention from the citizens. Excited for her brother, she dismissed Richard's concern that the citizens would tire of the fun.

The next morning, after the chaos continued, Unikitty attempted to look on the bright side of it. Begging the others for another chance, she followed Puppycorn for his duties. However, the results started to fall flat, while Unikitty nervously attempted to take a positive spin on them. Interrupting Richard from saying the ideas were terrible, she watched Puppycorn go work on more duties.

Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard confronted Unikitty on the chaos that was going on in the kingdom. Despite denying it at first, Unikitty was forced to admit to it. She wished not to tell Puppycorn, as it would break his heart, but the chaotic energy and chance of citizen riot pushed her to do so.

Confronting her brother, she tried to lightly tell him the issue, only for him to break down and admit that he did not want to be prince anymore. This caused Unikitty to break down as well. The two of them apologized for their wrongdoings and quickly hugged it out, deciding to let Unikitty rule again.

Unfortunately, the citizens would only accept Puppycorn as their leader, and were prepared to riot if he stepped down. As such, Unikitty devised a game change theater time protocol. This created a play, where Puppycorn pretended to die, granting Unikitty ruling power as his last wish. Unikitty, pretending to mourn the lost of her brother, angrily demanded to know who killed him, as she brought in an embarrassed Hawkodile to be Puppycorn's evil bride. Puppycorn then "revealed" himself as an alien, as he pulled himself into a prop UFO, while Unikitty sang a ballad of his greatness.

Unikitty then took her place as ruler, with the citizens accepting it. When asked on the free pizza rule, she hastily changed it to only on Fridays, which still satisfied the citizens.

Pet Pet

During a day in the forest, Unikitty came upon a small blob. When she realized its parents were nowhere to be found, she quickly became enamored by it. Despite Richard's attempts to sway her away from keeping it, Unikitty continued to insist, claiming it would not be like the last times she had lost pets. After promising, Richard finally relented.

At the castle, Unikitty ended up deciding on the name of the pet, naming him "Pet Pet" after what he repeated. Although angry at Richard's attempts to discipline Pet Pet, she still promised to help train him while Richard was out. Almost immediately, Pet Pet was lost, as Unikitty and the others tore through the castle in an attempt to find him, nearly destroying it entirely.

In desperation when Richard came back, Unikitty sent Hawkodile to try and find Pet Pet, while she used a pillow case to pretend to be Pet Pet. Richard seemingly bought this, disciplining "Pet Pet" for the mess. As Richard instructed Dr. Fox and Puppycorn to train Pet Pet, Dr. Fox asked Unikitty what she was doing, while she insisted that she would pretend to be Pet Pet to not disappoint Richard.

Testing pet commands, Unikitty was able to make it through sitting, rolling over, and staying, but Puppycorn's command of a triple backflip corkscrew somersault proved too much for her. Richard disciplined her with a mechanical water squirter, insisting Dr. Fox do the same, despite Unikitty's protests. When Puppycorn and Richard left after this, Dr. Fox continued to point out this was a bad idea, but Unikitty insisted on keeping the charade up.

Unikitty later struggled through tests of walking and playing fetch, but continued to keep it up. She continued through sled-pulling, tricks, dancing, eating pet food, and finally competing in a pet pageant, but she kept the charade up.

At the Pets-a-Bunga store, the last thing required to make it official was for Pet Pet to be "chipped, clipped, and snipped", which finally broke her, forcing her to admit that she was Pet Pet the whole time. Richard, instead of disappointed, was surprised that the charade was kept for so long, while also deciding Unikitty was ready for a "real pet", which confused Unikitty.

Hawkodile then rushed in, revealing a non-moving Pet Pet. His mourning triggered multiple Pet Pets to go off, revealing it as a toy. Despite this, Unikitty persisted that it was a normal pet, and asked Richard if they could still keep Pet Pet, which he accepted, while Unikitty proudly declared her and the others as great pet owners.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Oh my gosh, I’m so excited I can explode!" -Unikitty, Spoooooky Game
  • "Whoo! And she is first to cross the finish line!" -Unikitty, Spoooooky Game
  • "That’s great, Puppycorn. I’m not mad at all, so HAPPY for you!" -Unikitty, Spoooooky Game
  • "Oh, no, little bro! Why are we fighting? This isn’t fun at all anymore." -Unikitty, Spoooooky Game
  • "What?! I wanna be a robot." -Unikitty, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Whose is this? It’s empty! Oh no! He must be the least happy person in the kingdom!" -Unikitty, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "But you should feel better than fine! You should be bursting with happiness all the time!" -Unikitty, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Doctor, there must be something we can do. I feel so bad. His feelings aren’t very feely!" -Unikitty, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Oh, my goodness! He’s so cute! Oh, you’re so cute! So cute, so cute! TOO CUTE!" -Unikitty, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Two degrees down. Wind, 14. Sun, sunny. Clouds, cloudy. Take the shot." -Unikitty, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "No. Too many serums. Richard said he was fine. I should never have tried to mess with him in the first place. Let me talk to him. -Unikitty, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "This is amazing, bro! He is so cute!" -Unikitty, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Okay, guys. If we’re gonna build the best snow fort ever, it’s gotta be something super special! Thank goodness we have a magic snowman to help! Right, Mr. Snowbuttons?" -Unikitty, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "You’re right. There’s still something missing. You, ryou big silly!" -Unikitty, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Oh my goodness! This tastes like a tummy dream and feels like a hug!" -Unikitty, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "We all love Mr. Snowbuttons, but he’s going to melt sooner or later. All snowmen do." -Unikitty, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Aww, I think he says he loves his new home here! What a little sweetheart!" -Unikitty, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "What a perfect day for a tea party! Tasty tea for sipping… And best of all, all of my best friends!" -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "That was amazing! Thanks for watching out for us! You’re always there when we need you!" -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "That was the saddest story I’ve ever heard! I can’t believe you lost your friend! Can’t you just give him a bro-hug and make up?" -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "What are you talking about, silly head?" -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "I still think you two should make up. But friends always help each friends, no matter what!" -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "Hawkodile, it doesn’t have to be this way. Why don’t you just give your old friend a hug?" -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "Oh, right. I see where you were going with that now." -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "I’m looking as cool as I can!" -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "Hey! He was trying to hug it out! Why do you hate friendship?!" -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "Sorry I lost my temper. Even though I said it was time for hugs." -Unikitty, Action Forest
  • "That giant jelly creature is gooshing all over the kingdom! People live there!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "She’s exactly like me…but metal!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Tell me it needs five pilots!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "And I’ll be…the head! Let’s rock and roll!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Nice work, guys! Now, let’s finish this! Go, radiant, shimmering, sparkle sword!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "We need it for reasons!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "We can’t stop now, Richard! The world needs this awesome giant robot! We need this awesome giant robot!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "That’s not an ice cream, Rick! You goobus!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "What?! No way! We’re not leaving! Not now, not ever! Giant robot fun times forever!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Oh, no! We did this? We built this robot to fight monsters, but now we are the monster! Citizens, I am so sorry!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "We’ve got no choice! We have to fight ourselves!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Okay, we’ve asked for it!" -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Goodbye, giant robot! You were the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Clearly, you were too much for this world." -Unikitty, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Townspeople tell them what’s making them unhappy, then I get to fix it and make their day better!" -Unikitty, Fire & Nice
  • "Everybody shoosh! You two gotta work it out!" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "Being nice is the best! Today is about fixing problems, but you are the problem!" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "How am I supposed to help anybody when I have all this anger inside?" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "Dr. Fox! I need your help with science!" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "Yeah, I feel so free!" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "Well, pink’s my favorite…" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "Never better! No anger, all smiles! Come on, let’s go see who’s next!" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "…So glad to…help!" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "I don’t understand! I was trying so hard to be nice to everybody!" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "Dr. Fox, we’ve made up! It’s time to put us back together, please!" -Unikitty, Problem Fixy Day
  • "Sorry, lil’ bro! I’m busy, too! On something very serious…" -Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "But…you kinda like eating trash." - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Uhh, I think that’s just a rock." - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Oh! This is terrible! My little brother, all alone and here all alone with a boring old rock!" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Oh, baby bro, it’s hard when a friend moves away, but you can always make new friends! That’s what Rock Guy would have wanted!" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Sorry, Rock Guy. Puppycorn’s my most favorite person ever, and he deserves a friend who’s not uh, a rock." - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Huh, usually all I gotta do is say hey, wanna be friends?!" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Don’t worry, little buddy! I know you’ll make a friend somehow!" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • " My tail! It’s missing!" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "He’s…he’s…making Puppycorn so happy!" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Puppycorn, this is bad! You can’t just take all this stuff! We gotta let everybody go!" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Please pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "Looks like everything worked out in the end!" - Unikitty, Rock Friend
  • "A little dash of this, a little dash of that, and just for good measure…One more splat!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Rick, you’re always doing chores! Don’t you wanna take a break?" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Be still, my sweet little Richard. You’ve worked too hard!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "You’ve done enough, Rick. Let us help you for a change! We can clean the kitchen!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Okay, guys. Stay positive! If Rick can do it, we can do it!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Uhh, I’m Richard! I love chores! Work, work, work! See?" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "This is gross and boring!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "No-no-no-no, everything’s fine, you stay in bed, doctor’s orders!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "What do I do? I can’t break my promise to Rick, he’ll be Rick-broken and heartbroken!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Ooh, sparkles!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "If we can’t clean the kitchen Rick’s way…then we’ll have to do it our way!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "A little paint on this, a little glitter on that…Gonna fix the floor with a few more splats! We’re about to make your day, Rick!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Rick’s better, hooray! Wait. I mean, oh, no! Is everybody done?!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Oh, thanks! Cleaning’s a lot harder than I thought, thanks for always taking care of our mess!" -Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Yeah...Until it tried to eat us!" -Unikitty, Crushing Defeat
  • "You got a haircut!" -Unikitty, Crushing Defeat
  • "Don’t worry, Big H! You might not know how to express your feelings, but we do! Allow your pals to teach you the ways of love! You’ll be talking to you crush in no time!" -Unikitty, Crushing Defeat
  • "Don’t be sad, Hawkodile! Oh the bright side, you’ve never been more adorable! So cute!" -Unikitty, Crushing Defeat
  • "Well, that’s easy! I love love! I love it so much I tell everyone I love them all the time! Watch!" -Unikitty, Crushing Defeat
  • "Can’t you see my friend is dealing with some emotional stuff?! He has a crush!" -Unikitty, Crushing Defeat
  • "Looking great, Hawkodile! You must have told your love lady how you feel about her!" -Unikitty, Crushing Defeat
  • "Wow, what did I hit?" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "Making a well wish is one of life’s most specialest joys!" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "You’ve just got to believe in them! And your wishes will come true!" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "You’re free at last to bring joy to one and all!" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "Goodbye, well wishes! Fulfil your purpose! Live your dreams!" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "My super-dope scooter! With metallic rose chrome! And sugar shocks! And..." -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "Puppycorn, how many times did you wish for a shovel?" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "These wishes aren’t being very magical!" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "Yeah, but you’re being very literal about it." -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "That’s it! We’ll fight wishes with other wishes!" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "I choose to believe wishes are wonderful and magical and will help us save the day!" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "Oh, wow. That’s one way to do it, I guess." -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "What?! Wishes are awesome! Some are good, some are bad. We just gotta be really careful with the wording! In fact, I wish this never happens again!" -Unikitty, Wishing Well
  • "The rules are simple! The game ends when everyone is found! Or, when the person who is it gives up! And that “it” person is me!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "That’s because it's hidden!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "Oh! Sorry, Richard. Sometimes your voice is so monotone, I don’t hear it! Please! Continue!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • " I love you, Richard, but you have a knack for being kinda boring." -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "Oh, Puppycorn! Wherever could you be? Hmm, perhaps I should try finding other easier targets!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "You can’t fool me that easy, Hawk!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "You are found!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "You should really mix your mud colors better. That hunter green totally gave you away!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "What’s this? Free snacks?" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "Hmm. Oh, boy! Math! Let’s see! One plus one…oh, it’s so hard!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "Gotcha! Good effort, Doc! But I knew you couldn’t resist an unsolved equation!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "Well, well, well, Richard! Who’d of thought you’d be a worthy hide n’ seek rival after all!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "Aww, I wanna cupcake! No! Being it is a time-honored tradition! It is my duty to find Rick!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "I don’t need luck! Time for me to seek like I’ve never seeked before! Sought? Seek-ed? Never mind! I am not giving up!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "What if the clocks are helping him?!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "I’ll go to the ends of the earth if I have to!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "I cared too much. I seek-ed too hard. And I seek-ed my friend off a cliff!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "Wow! You’re so monotone and boring, I never even noticed you!" -Unikitty, Hide N' Seek
  • "Master Frown, what are you doing here? And where’s your body?!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Oh, you poor thing! Without a body you can’t do anything!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "You have to be nice, or I’m not gonna take you, okay?" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Come on, it’s more fun if you sing!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Hey! I told you, if you’re not nice, I’m not taking ya!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Well, it’s a start!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Wait, that’s your job? I always thought you were a jerk just ‘cause you liked it." -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Oh, my gosh, Brock! These are amazing!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Hey! They’re being really mean!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "I’m trying. They’re just so unfriendly!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Oh, he’s stuck to my butt, thank you!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "That’s enough! You all need to be nicer to Master Frown! He’s trying his best, and I think you all need to be more supportive!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Sorry I got a little cranky, I just feel very strongly about this!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "I’m glad we got to help each other out today! Yay!" -Unikitty, Stuck Together
  • "Citizens! I get the feeling you’re not in the best of moods right now!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "I have an idea! Why break stuff when you can break dance?!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Great! Have fun poppin’ and lockin’!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Yeah, you silly goose! What else would you be?" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Running the kingdom isn’t all fun, you fix one thing but the citizens always want more! And more! And more! And more! And more! It never ends!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "In fact, I, Princess Unikitty, hereby officially declare that Puppycorn is now in charge of the kingdom!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Go on, sire! Tell ‘em one of your cool ideas!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Come on! Have some fun! It’s like an endless slumber party!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Terrific! Terrific. Why would anyone wanna get off? Looks like a blast!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Wait, don’t cry! You’re gonna make me cry!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Well, looks like I’m princess again!" -Unikitty, Little Prince Puppycorn


  • Unikitty first appeared in The LEGO Movie, which was released in 2014. However, this appears to be in a separate timeline, or canon, as the kingdom is not Cloud Cuckoo Land.[1] Other elements, while an extension of it, also differ from her first appearance from the said film.
  • She has the ability to change her cheeks to different shapes depending on her emotion. These have included:
    • Hearts
    • Question marks
    • Exclamation points
    • Skulls
    • Number ones
    • Broken hearts
    • Stars
    • Fire
    • Sad faces
    • Planet sign
    • Music Notes
    • Teardrops
    • Snowflakes
    • Swirlies
    • Happy Faces


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