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"Scary Tales" is the thirty-sixth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on March 16, 2018 in the United Kingdom, and aired on October 19th, 2018 in the United States[2].



During the gang's Halloween party, Unikitty discovers Rick isn't scared of anything.[3]


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  • Master Frown
  • Brock
  • Chainsaw Guy
  • Ghost in the TV
  • Hooked hand
  • Monster
  • Skeleton
  • Broken humanoid
  • Phone who was the caller
  • Candy Monster
  • Basement goblins

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on March 16, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom. This episode aired on October 19th, 2018 in the United States.


  • Costumes:
    • Unikitty - Vampire
    • Puppycorn - Robot
    • Hawkodile - Wrestler
    • Dr. Fox - Astronaut
    • Richard- Frankenstein's Monster
    • Master Frown - Witch
    • Brock - Ghost
  • Despite being Halloween themed, It did not premiere in October in the UK.
  • When it aired in the UK a promotional poster was released labeling it as episode 23, however R & Arr is episode 23.
    • At The time the poster came out it hadn't even been announced that Dinner Apart-y would be episode 22 or that R & Arr was actually episode 23.
    • This episode also wasn't the 23rd episode to air in the UK.
  • In this episode UniKitty, Puppycorn, and Hawkodile sing Camptown Races. The latter also spoofs it while hunting a monster, singing "something, something, blah blah blah" in the tune of the song.


  • Scream - In Unikitty's story at the beginning of the episode, her hair and outfit resemble Casey Becker (played by Drew Barrymore).
  • Friday the 13th - In Hawkodile's story, the Dread Lake Summer Camp parodies Camp Crystal Lake, and Chainsaw Guy is a parody Jason Voorhees.
  • It Follows - Music reminiscent of the film's chase scenes play when Hawkodile is chasing the Chainsaw Guy.
  • Poltergeist - In Puppycorn's story, a ghost emerges from a television set.
  • Frankenstein - In her story, Dr. Fox's costume resembles that of Dr. Frankenstein. Richard also wears a Frankenstein's Monster costume as his Halloween one.
  • Alien
  • Black Christmas
  • Dial M For Murder


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