Uhh, I’m Richard! I love chores! Work, work, work! See?
Unikitty, Kitchen Chaos

Richard is a main character and protagonist in Unikitty!. Voiced by Roger Craig Smith, he is Unikitty’s royal advisor.

Personality and Traits

Richard is a grey 1x3 LEGO brick. As such, he has three studs on top of him. He has light blue sclera and no irises. He is often seen frowning with puffed-out cheeks.

Other looks

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Richard, unlike the others, is stoic and melancholy. Looking more to the negative, he is the opposite of the cheerfulness of his location. Despite this, he is still a good friend and is the straight man most of the time, logically approaching situations while the rest go crazy or don’t think through their actions clearly.


Thanks to a lack of limbs, Richard has the ability to float for movement, along with the ability to hold onto objects by telekinesis. He is also able to phase through floors and ceilings to get to locations quicker. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Richard is the super-boring, no-fun “adult” of the castle who tries to get Unikitty to always make responsible choices. He’s like a living, floating encyclopedia filled with boring Unikingdom trivia, but he gives good advice (although Unikitty usually doesn’t follow it). He has no sense of humor and doesn’t like goofing off, but he’s devoted to Unikitty and would never let her down.

Memorable Quotes

  • "...Intense." -Richard, Spoooooky Game
  • "Really, it’s okay. I have been around a long time. It just takes a lot to get me worked up." -Richard, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "I was perfectly happy before!" -Richard, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Oh…huh? Thanks, Princess. I’m moved that you went through all this trouble just to cheer me up." -Richard, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Would you look at that?" -Richard, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Snow drawbridge is an excellent addition. Durable snow parapet. Ah, what a regal flag. Excellent work. This is gonna be tough to beat." -Richard, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Wow, the dancing snowman is a nice touch. I think we have a winner." -Richard, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Just like Gam Gam used to make." -Richard, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Enjoy the frozen wastes and blistering cold." -Richard, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "And so unnecessary." -Richard, Action Forest
  • "That was the coolest story I’ve ever heard." -Richard, Action Forest
  • "Fisticuffs it is." -Richard, Action Forest
  • "Catchphrase." -Richard, Action Forest
  • "Who paid for this?" -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "…Why?" -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Should I be doing something?" -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Well, now that’s over, we best get this thing back in storage." -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Princess, maybe we shouldn’t use this robot for non-combat purposes." -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "I want this to end." -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Princess, we haven’t left the robot in months. This place is becoming unhygienic. Like, really, it stinks in here." -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Just release the locks and we can exit the robot in an orderly fashion." -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me." -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Oh, hi. You know, we had a lot of fun today and we also learned a lot about appendixes." -Richard, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Princess, we don’t have to make this a huge deal." -Richard, Fire & Nice
  • "Just in time, I was running out of dance moves." - Richard, Fire & Nice
  • "Princess, we can’t possibly replace the whole park." - Richard, Fire & Nice
  • "Aah, that’s the stuff." - Richard, Rock Friend
  • "I’d love to play with you, Puppycorn, but not until this room is clean." -Richard, Rock Friend
  • "I know, you all look hideous. Luckily, I was spared." -Richard, Rock Friend
  • "It’s beautiful. But excuse me, Princess, I have to do my chores." -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Well, actually, it’s my…" -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "But, if I’m not taking care of the castle, what will I do?" -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Okay. Relax. Don’t do chores." -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Hm…maybe I should check on them…" -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Okay, that’s it." -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Well, that’s new." -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Thank you, Princess. Thanks to all of you. I’m very surprised and very proud." -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Of course, Princess. It’s my duty. Though it wouldn’t hurt to clean up after yourself once and a while." -Richard, Kitchen Chaos
  • "I am not a fan of Dr. Fox’s new cupcake recipe." -Richard, Crushing Defeat
  • "So you have a crush, you old dog, you. I’m glad you came to me as the castle’s resident expert on all things romance." - Richard, Crushing Defeat
  • "I have carried a torch for my own beloved for many years." - Richard, Crushing Defeat
  • "Our love is real." - Richard, Crushing Defeat
  • "Wait, we haven’t even begun rhyming couplets!" - Richard, Crushing Defeat
  • "Are you kidding?" -Richard, Wishing Well
  • "It was mine yesterday." -Richard, Wishing Well
  • "I don’t see the point of this game." - Richard, Hide N' Seek
  • "As I was announcing, this game is a distraction from more productive uses of our time." -Richard, Hide N' Seek
  • "No. There’s some enchanting paperwork just calling my name right now." -Richard, Hide N' Seek
  • "I’m not a ghost. I am very much alive." -Richard, Hide N' Seek
  • "You thought I was a cinderblock?" -Richard, Hide N' Seek
  • "I was right there the whole time. Don’t you remember?" -Richard, Hide N' Seek
  • "I don’t know if that’s a compliment." -Richard, Hide N' Seek
  • "But, I still don’t wanna play." -Richard, Hide N' Seek
  • "Stay back, Puppycorn. This is royal business." -Richard, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Seriously, Princess, I really don’t think—"Richard, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "I feel the citizens will eventually get tired of—"Richard, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "One generally has to slumber for it to be a slumber party."Richard, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Princess, we have to face the facts. These ideas are terri—"Richard, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "There’s no food, no shelter. The kingdom’s falling apart."Richard, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "I can’t believe she let Puppycorn write the ending."Richard, Little Prince Puppycorn

Background Information

  • Richard was originally meant to be sand blue with a flat, studless top, as opposed to grey with studs - like his final design.


  • He is the only main character to not be an animal. Rather, he is a 1x3 LEGO brick. As such, he is also the only main character to not have an animal-based name. Instead, he has a proper name.
  • Him holding a clipboard in the main title sequence may suggest a role of keeping things in check around the kingdom and castle. This was later confirmed to be the case.
  • Richard is older than the rest of the gang, and is the only one to be a full-grown adult. Thus, he is in charge of the castle as well as Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox and Hawkodile.[1]
  • Roger Craig Smith, Richard's voice actor also provides the voice of Hawkodile.


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