Awww! It was just lonely!
Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty

The Giant Jelly Creature is a monstrous threat to the Unikingdom, introduced in "Kaiju Kitty".

Personality and Traits

The giant jelly creature, as its name suggests, is a giant monster made out of green jelly. It has a small face with dotted eyes and missing teeth.

Despite an off-putting appearance and hostile personality, in reality, the jelly monster is a lonely person, who simply craves company.

The jelly monster is able to suck up people simply by stepping on them, which suctions them up into its body. It is also able to survive being cut in half, instead creating two smaller monsters.


Little is known about the giant jelly creature's early life. However, before the events of his debut, he attacked the kingdom in a fit of loneliness. Hawkodile attempted to stop it on his own, but failed.

First adventures

Kaiju Kitty

Kaiju Kitty (4)

Lonely, the jelly creature continued to attack the Unikingdom in an attempt for friendship. The Shining Mecha Kitty Turbo V, built by Dr. Fox, was piloted in to stop the monster. Angry with being hit by the robot, the monster throw parts of its body at the robot, which was blasted by a laser hand. Sending a stretchy fist to the robot did nothing, as it released a hand shield. Finally, the robot sent one of its feet all the way around the world to distract the monster, while it was kicked in the air during another attack. Summoning a light sword, the robot cut the monster in half. Instead of killing the monster, however, this split the monster into two smaller monsters, who happily embraced each other and walked off, having found friendship.



Season 1

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